Management Made Easy in 3 Steps

1. All is Well that Begins Well: You gotta hire the right people – those whose behavior, prior to their employment with you, demonstrate passionate allegiance to your organizations’s core values. How much time is wasted in managing people that shouldn’t have been hired in the first place?

2. Manage by Sweet Spotting: Your organization has legitimate needs – opportunities to be leveraged and problems to be solved. Your staff have personal gifts and passions that they bring to work every day. Sweet Spotting means assigning authority and responsibility in a specific opportunity or problem that aligns to the passions and gifts of your staff. Loose them and let them go – management made easy! Its so simple, I feel like I’m insulting leaders that are reading this blog. My apologies!

3. Create Leaders, not Followers: Tom Peters may not have originated this idea but he made it popular. Your role as a leader is to make more leaders, not followers. Think of your management practice – the planning processes you facilitate, the delegation system you coordinate, the meetings you lead, the reports you require, etc. etc. Are they building leaders or followers? Remember – people that feel like leaders act like leaders and I’m guessing you want more leaders around your organization, right?


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